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There is Affiliate Marketing and then there is Affiliate Marketing on Steroids

We have all heard of the super affiliates who make in excess of $100,000 every month but the reality is that we are not privileged to the exact details as to how they earn these crazy amounts.

Another reality is that the mega earners are in the minority and whatever it is that they are doing is either a very closely guarded secret or just simply way above us mere mortals.

Don’t despair though because many ‘normal’ affiliates earn really good money online simply by basing their affiliate businesses on these essential affiliate principals.

1. How to Discover a Demand or Niche Market

Don't make the mistake of marketing a product or service without first discovering whether there is in fact a demand for it.

Thankfully, with the internet at your fingertips, market research is made a lot easier. Following are some of the steps you should take for researching your market:

* Visit online forums to see what questions people ask and what problems they’re trying to have solved

* Figure out which keywords there are a lot of searches for but for which there are not many sites competing for

* Check out your potential competitors by visiting their sites and taking note of their marketing strategies

* If your product or service can be based on something you are interested in (and fit the above) the whole process will become much easier for you

Once you've completed the above find a product (or create one) that you can sell as an affiliate or have affiliates sell for you.

Check out http://www.internetbusiness.co.za/affiliate-marketing.htm to find out in detail on how to go about this

Steps 2 to 4 involve establishing your web presence which you will need in order to market your products effectively and communicate with customers.

2. The Next Step is to Establish a Web Presence

* Find out how to secure your preferred Domain Name (http://www.income.za.net/domain-name-internetbusiness.htm)

Register as many suitable names (that are in line with your business' theme) as soon as possible (before they are taken) - you can always sell them later

* Sign up for a Reseller Web Hosting account for less than $25.00 (http://www.onlinesynergy.net)

* If you cannot design your own website and graphics grab a professionally designed fully customizable website template (http://www.business-website-templates.com)

Remember never to use free domain or website addresses as they will not inspire confidence in your prospects - rather buy a cheap Cheap Domain Names domain name from a reliable registrar (also it's not advisable to have the same web host as your domain registrar).

3. Create Content and Write Killer Sales Copy

The next step is to populate your website with content in the form of images and, more importantly, textual content.

This is what should do the selling for you so if you have poor sales copy the result will be poor sales.

There are 8 factors that make up the proven formula for writing sales copy that will take visitors through the selling process from the moment they arrive.

When writing your sales copy, think about how your product or service is uniquely able solve people's problems or improve their lives. Think like a customer and ask, what is in it for me?

4. Join an Affiliate Network

An affiliate network will offer you a wide range of products from which you can choose to promote on your website or with other means.

For more essential Affiliate Marketing principals and resources as well as tips on monetizing your website visit: http://www.internetbusiness.co.za/affiliate-marketing.htm

In conclusion, whilst affiliate marketing can often be frustrating and time consuming it is without doubt a proven way of making decent money online

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Mark Bellinger, a university graduate, is a successful businessman and entrepreneur exploring Affiliate Marketing Strategies, profiting with internet income streams and how to make money from an internet business

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