How to Make Money Telling Companies What You Want to Buy

How many times have you wished you had a simple, easy and consistent way to make extra money when you needed it. Too many money making opportunities require an investment, huge time commitments or just simply don't work. Paid surveys are different.

There are a variety of market research firms that specialize in conducting surveys and focus groups with everyday people. The information they gather is used by companies to determine what products and services their market wants and to evaluate how well their current products or services meet consumer expectations.

This type of information is very valuable to these companies. It can mean the difference between a wildly successful product launch with a highly profitable product life cycle and a product doomed to fail before it even got off the drawing board. After all, customers don't buy what they don't want. And companies don't know what their market wants without asking them first.

Since most companies are in a specific business it only makes sense to contract out their market research needs to a firm that specializes in collecting consumer opinions. These market research firms have well defined incentive programs designed to motivate consumers like you to give a little of your time and share your valued opinion.

These incentive programs are where the opportunity comes in for you. Most offer simple cash payments for completing simple online surveys. Others offer prize drawings that can put you in the running for some really nice prizes. Still others offer coupons or discount vouchers for various products and services.

The key for you is to find the program or programs that offer the kind of incentive you are looking for. Usually this means cash. Once you have decided what type of incentive program you want to participate in you need to determine what kind of products you will offer your opinion on.

Not all consumers are ideal market research sources for all products. For example, you wouldn't want to survey citizens of Alaska about their preferences in air conditioners. It just doesn't make sense. So when you are deciding what to offer your opinion about take a look at where you live, what kinds of products you currently use, what kinds of markets you participate in and what industries you have some knowledge of.

Finally, you should choose a market segment or industry that you are interested in. Simply put, you won't stick with it if it bores you. Choose topics that will hold your interest and you will be in a great position to make money consistently with paid surveys.

Paid surveys are a great way to make extra money. However, they do require some time and effort on your part. Most market research companies will want you to join their service (nearly all are free) to begin participating. This allows them to collect basic demographic information about you so they can target the surveys they send you for relevance.

Once you have become a member you will be sent surveys on a variety of topics on a periodic basis. Each will take a few minutes of your time to complete. And most surveys market research firms will only accept completed surveys so it's important to finish the surveys you start.

If you are willing to spend 30 minutes a day and honestly give your opinion then you can make extra money with paid surveys. The whole process is a real win-win for all involved. You get paid, the companies get good information about their consumers preferences and the market gets products and services that more accurately meet consumer demand.

About the Author: - Get Paid for Your OpinionWould you like to make a few extra dollars every month for telling companies what you want to buy? It really is that simple. A few minutes a week filling out online surveys and you could add hundeds of dollars to your budget evey month.

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